Picatinny vs Weaver what's the difference

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Picatinny vs Weaver what's the difference

Postby Bob » Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:11 am

What are the differences between Picatinny and Weaver rails?
The profile of the two systems is virtually identical and in good quality items should be nearly indistinguishable.
The main difference is in the placement and width of the grooves.
Picatinny grooves are .206” wide and have a center-to-center width of .394”.
These grooves have to be consistent in order for it to be a true "mil-spec" Picatinny rail.
Weaver rails have a .180” width groove but can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer in the center-to-center measurement.
In some instances a Weaver rail is machined to fit a specific set of rings or other item and interchangeability can be an issue.
A Picatinny rail has to adhere to the specifications to achieve the uniformity in the grooves.
By holding to the standard different items can be mounted on the weapon with no compatibility problems.

By now you are probably thinking ok Frost enough of the blah blah blah whats the short answer.
The short answer is it means that accessories designed for a Weaver system will, generally fit on a Picatinny rail.
But because of the larger groove, “Picatinny” accessories generally will not fit a Weaver system.
There are exceptions to every rule, but as a rule-of-thumb, Picatinny won’t fit Weaver, but Weaver will fit Picatinny.
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