The Last of Us (OOC)

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The Last of Us (OOC)

Postby houndoomdude » Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:25 pm

Hello, hello, hello. I am Houndoomdude, from the old Zombie Forum.
Some of you may remember my old Last of Us RP that died prematurely. Well, essentially I am starting that up again. From scratch.

I will accept/deny character sheets case by case, so don't start in the RP until you have been accepted.

This is the way my RP situations work. You will control you, and I will control the environment you are in, rather than taking a character of my own. This means that you will be at the mercy of zombies, and you will have to rely on skill to fight your way out. If you are stupid, you will die. If you are smart, you still might die anyway. It all depends. I'll give you an example.

Person: My character shoots their gun, killing a zombie, and runs through the door into the hallway. They continue to kill zombies, etc...

Person: My character shoots their gun.
Me: The zombie drops dead from the bullet, clearing the pathway.
Person: I run through the doorway.

Basically, YOU don't control what happens when you shoot something or whether you get hungry, etc. And no, I'm not going to unfairly kill you.
It's not as strict as it sounds: just don't assume you will succeed.

When the RP starts, I will post updates for all players who are participating in a separate post. If you get together in a group with another player, let me know (on this page) if I should start grouping your stuff together.

If you don't know what The Last of Us is... I guess Wikipedia says it best:
"The Last of Us takes place in the United States, twenty years after a fungal spore-based infection rapidly spread across the globe, wiping out a vast majority of the population by warping its hosts’ brains and turning them into deadly predators capable of killing with a single bite. The remnants of the world’s population has been reduced to either struggling survivors or ravenous infected mutants."

Please keep all OOC stuff on this page. None of that (( )) business XD

Character Sheet:
First Name:
Middle Name (if applicable):
Last Name:
Basic Personality (several words to describe yourself):
Skills (choose 3):
Setbacks (things you are bad at; choose at least 2):
Weapon #1:
Ammo for Weapon #1 (if applicable):
Ammo for Weapon #2 (if applicable):
Other Items-

(1. US Military, who keep close watch on major cities and are generally mistrusting of survivors
2. Fireflies, a militia group dedicated to restoring the government through often violent means
3. Survivors, rogues who wander the streets for supplies and are often brutal
4. Citizens, people living in cities under martial law, who get food via 'ration cards' and live meagerly, though some leave the city and come back illegally...)

Favorite Food:
Sexual orientation:
Bad Habits:
Previous Occupation:
Backstory (a few sentences at least):
Other Notes:
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